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Negotiation Skills (10182)

Learn How to Create Lasting Results in a Spirit of Cooperation

Strategic Objective

Our Negotiation Skills workshop will expand your ability as an effective negotiator through the practice of important negotiation tactics and skills. Being a good negotiator enables you to get what you want more often. Knowing how to negotiate lessens the odds that others will take advantage of you and makes dealing with others a more enjoyable and productive process.

Learning Objectives

Participation in this workshop will enable you to:

  • Gain an understanding of and discover how to exchange offers and proposals that result in mutually successful negotiations;
  • Describe the common stages in the process of negotiation and how they can be applied to everyday encounters;
  • Explain the difference between interests and positions in the negotiation process;
  • Identify your negotiation style;
  • Define the different types of negotiation;
  • Demonstrate key behaviours conducive to successful negotiations;
  • Prepare for and work through a negotiation cycle.


Negotiations happen every day. We spend almost every minute of every day negotiating with others. Negotiation is a process where two or more parties with different needs and goals discuss an issue to find a mutually acceptable solution –it requires give and take. A good relationship, with good communication between parties, enables successful negotiation – a poor relationship with poor communication is unlikely to amount to much.  Our negotiation style ultimately defines whether we grind into an impasse, or create value and lasting, trustful relationships. Intuitively we all know this….and yet, negotiations often result in poor short-term solutions that do not satisfy the needs of either party and impact relationships in negative ways.

Topics Will Include, but are not limited to:

  • The use of confident language
  • Improving communication by listening and asking questions
  • Maximizing opportunity through pre-negotiation preparation
  • Knowing how personal biases and cultural differences impact negotiations
  • Dealing with irrational people and challenging relationships
  • Transforming competition into cooperation

This will be achieved through a process of review, explanation, discussion, practical and relevant exercises, and scenario-based activities – the “how to” elements of negotiation.

Why You Should Attend

  • To achieve better results in both formal and informal negotiations;
  • To build confidence in your bargaining power and abilities;
  • To improve negotiations by managing your emotions and influencing others;
  • To build positive, productive relationships with all involved in the negotiation process;
  • To produce win-win outcomes.

Being a good negotiator will allow you to build, maintain, and improve important relationships; instead of being in dispute with people and expecting them to do what you want, you can influence agreements, create mutually beneficial solutions to tough problems.


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