Impactful communication (10845) - 2 hours

About the course 

Impactful communication is a part of the Learning and Development Series: Vital Relational Skills, A series of modules designed to strengthen keystone relational skills of communication and the emotional intelligence competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

The aim of this series is to bridge the gap between personal development and high performance. This will be achieved by building skills that allow people to manage their emotions and interpersonal relationships, as well as being able to relate effectively and meaningfully with others, in other words, emotional intelligence and relational foundational skills.

Course duration: 2 hours

For who: Team members, team and group leaders, and individuals seeking professional growth

Course format

We maximize engagement by leveraging the tools available on the Zoom platform. Engagement tools include chat pods, breakouts, polls, videos, whiteboards, annotations, emojis. Content is provided to the learner in bite-sized learning modules—to boost retention of the learning.


Madalena Coutinho is a Senior Leadership Consultant, Certified Facilitator, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Leadership Development and Interpersonal Core Skills Practice with a focus on five key leadership competencies: change management, leadership and teamwork, corporate culture, growth & innovation, and merger integration. With more than 30 years as a learning and development professional and professional facilitator, she successfully coaches individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives and has received various forms of formal recognition as an innovative and inspiring leader.


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October 7, 2021




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