3 day Foundation Course in Group Facilitation - Virtual Edition (10669) - Limited Spots

About the Course

The Foundation Course in Group Facilitation is a three-day training workshop that prepares individuals with foundational techniques and processes. The course is delivered using Internet-Based Video Conferencing, specifically Zoom Meetings and uses web-based collaboration tools. This course is designed to provide participants not only with theoretical knowledge but also practice using examples drawn from their own experience. Graduates will achieve a degree of comfort in their facilitation skills as they apply in a live, in-person setting as well as in a virtual setting.

Overall Course Objective

To provide course participants with the confidence and ability to use a selection of proven facilitation processes and techniques in an in-person and virtual setting to enhance peoples’ participation and creativity, and to help you to manage and lead more effective and efficient events and meetings.

Specific Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will:

  • Describe the role of the facilitator and the value that facilitation brings to group work
  • Create an atmosphere that’s conducive to productive group work
  • Apply basic techniques of group dynamics and inclusive participation
  • Facilitate six foundational group processes that improve group productivity, creativity and participation
  • Deal effectively with dysfunctional participant behaviour and participation problems

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