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Facilitations Skills for Performance Measurement and Evaluation (10631)

This workshop delves into how to plan, manage, and conduct successful facilitations in performance measurement and evaluation. Participants will have opportunities to learn the fundamentals of facilitation and its application to performance measurement and evaluation processes, including developing logic models and their related indicators and targets.

This workshop can be taken on its own or in conjunction with Key Results (Logic Models and DRFs) for PM and Evaluation (offered on May 13) or Performance Indicators for Performance Measurement and Evaluation (offered on May 14). All of these modules can be used as continuing education credits for Credentialed Evaluators.

This workshop is specifically designed for those working in evaluation, performance measurement and program management in the government or not-for-profit sectors who want to better understand the core concepts and best practices in using facilitation in performance measurement and evaluation.


By the end the day you will be able to:

  • Understand what is facilitation and the various roles facilitators play
  • Know what are the core facilitation skills, e.g., asking good questions, effective paraphrasing and summarizing, active listening, and their application in your practice
  • Appreciate core facilitation practices, e.g., effective small group work, large group discussions, asking questions, and techniques, e.g., consensus decision-making, and their application in your practice, and
  • Identify ways in which to further develop your facilitation competencies, and where to find additional resources.

Using interactive exercises and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences with facilitation, and develop strategies for success.

In addition, special topics of interest to the participants will be covered, such as dealing with dysfunctional behavior, or equalizing power differentials.

The workshop fee includes resource materials, a certificate of completion, as well as refreshments, and lunch.

Personalized Training and Additional Information

This workshop can be offered in-house to clients who wish a more tailored and personalized workshop approach for their staff.


For more information about public or in-house workshops, please contact Patrick Valois at