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Building Your Leadership Influence (10181)

In today’s complex world, we rely more and more on collaboration and working groups to accomplish our objectives and get things done. Whether we are professionals, volunteers, or even managers, others expect us to move things forward without using formal authority.  But how do we build the leadership influence we need to succeed? In this workshop, we explore the factors that affect our ability to influence others, and different strategies that can help increase our influence. Building Your Leadership Influence includes practical exercises and skill-building activities. We focus on applying the concepts to real situations, including how to identify, select and implement effective strategies to influence others in positive ways. Through your active participation, you will walk away feeling more confident. You will return to work with practical ways to achieve alignment and collaboration. And you will increase your impact at work.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of Building Your Leadership Influence, you will be able to:

  • identify the different factors that affect your ability to influence
  • analyse an influence situation to identify your strengths and areas for improvement
  • follow a structured process to develop an “influence strategy”
  • differentiate between influence and persuasion
  • select appropriate strategies to increase your influence
  • create a person-centered message to persuade someone else

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in building their personal and professional influence can benefit from this workshop. The session will be of particular interest to those working on horizontal initiatives or with stakeholders outside their own organization.


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