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Advanced Course in Group Facilitation (10546)- 3 days

Who Should Attend?

Intersol’s three-day Advanced Course in Group Facilitation is aimed at those who have taken our Foundation Course in Group Facilitation, or something similar. This course will be of interest to consultants, professional facilitators, managers or supervisors in organizations faced with change, human resource professionals, or anyone whose work requires them to work with groups to achieve results.


Good facilitators do more than just facilitate meetings. They bring consulting skills that enable them to coach and guide their clients and participants towards the identification and achievement of goals and outcomes that might be unobtainable without skilled facilitation. The Advanced Course in Group Facilitation is designed to provide relatively experienced facilitators with additional knowledge, skills and tools to further enhance their ability to provide facilitative leadership to others.

Learning Objectives

Participation in this workshop will improve your confidence and ability to

  • Design and lead effective meetings, group planning sessions, public consultations and other facilitated events.
  • Use collaborative consulting skills to develop strong client / facilitator relationships.
  • Manage difficult facilitation situations and conflict.
  • Facilitate complex issues related to Strategic Planning and the Leadership and Management of Change and Transition.

Course Themes

Theme 1 – Review of the Foundations of Group Facilitation

  • Clarify and describe the nature of facilitation and the role of the facilitator
  • The “Real World” context for facilitation
  • Facilitation basics revisited
  • The facilitation model – key processes in facilitation

Theme 2 – Facilitation and the Process of Change

  • The DxVxF>R Change Model
  • Facilitation as an intervention
  • Facilitation and consultation
  • The ethics of facilitation

Theme 3 – Client Management

  • Contracting – setting expectations, gathering data, identifying needs
  • Creating the facilitator/client partnership

Theme 4 – Designing Interventions

  • Designing process driven interventions
  • Designing for success
  • Designing for multiple stakeholders
  • Designing, planning and facilitating within and across organizational levels
  • Multi-phase interventions

Theme 5 – Managing Difficult Situations

  • Managing conflict
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Managing session “flow”
  • Moving “seamlessly” from one process to another

Theme 6 – Strategic Planning

  • A Framework for Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Tips and techniques

What People Say About the Course

One of my all-time best workshop – great presenter and great material.

Great “real-life” examples to drive the message home.


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