Lean Process Improvement

The Intersol Group Lean Team offers full Service Lean Consulting and Training. We have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for more than 20 years. We engage with clients at all organizational levels. Our flexibility and ability to effectively adapt Lean tools to the needs of each specific business is what differentiates us from other organizations. Our consultants are hands-on Senior Lean practitioners with extensive experience assessing and applying Lean in diverse business sectors: Healthcare, Finance, Education, Government / Services, Food, Finance and Manufacturing.

The Intersol Group Lean Team understands that our success is about achieving sustainable results that our clients can ‘see’ and creating ‘value’ that is measurable both financially (ROI) and operationally.

We offer the true Lean experience and knowledge!

We will help you:

  • Become an increasingly client-focused organization,
  • Maximize value to your clients by improving end-to-end processes,
  • Create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement,
  • Meaningfully engage all employees throughout the transformation process,
  • Develop Lean as a way of thinking, and being;
  • Encourage internal learning and self-reliance.

Our Promise:

To increase the value you provide to your clients, while reducing cost and maximizing efficiency, using the most effective application of continuous process improvement and staff engagement methodologies.