Our Services

Together, the Intersol Group Lean team bring you a broad range of expertise through various practice areas to address your most pressing organizational needs.

Development, Learning and Leadership

We believe that enabling individuals to develop to their full potential is key to personal and organizational success. Our personalized coaching and mentoring services will help you achieve your very best, through facilitated reflection, analysis, action planning, implementation, and feedback.

Consultation, Public & Stakeholder Engagement, Partnerships

The very best strategies, policies and decisions are those made through dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders. We help you engage and understand your key stakeholders. From strategy to full implementation, our expertise and experience ensure you hear from the right stakeholders at the right time through the right channels.

Facilitation of Meetings, Events, and Conferences

Do you have a problem to solve? A plan to develop? A decision to make? Do you need to engage with a group of people in order to get their ideas, solve problems, develop plans, make decisions? Don’t know where to start? Getting the right people together to have meaningful conversations that achieve your objectives does not have to be such a headache. You’ve come to the right place.

Lean Process Improvement

We have been helping companies make sustainable performance improvements for more than 20 years, applying Lean in diverse business sectors. We understand that our success is about achieving sustainable results that our clients can ‘see’ and creating ‘value’ that can be measured both financially and operationally.

Organizational Change, Design and Development

Have you been contemplating why some of your change initiatives aren’t sticking, or why you haven’t been generating the outcomes expected? Have you been wondering how to take your organisation or team performance to the next level?

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Evaluation and Performance Measurement are two critical practices used by today’’s managers to better understand whether their policies, programs and plans are achieving their intended results without undue consequence. Relevant to the government, not-for-profit and private sectors, our evaluation and performance measurement services range from developing logic models, theories of change and performance measurement strategies, needs assessments, and performance-based plans to small and large-scale evaluations.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Great strategy is about setting direction toward a future that matters. It matters to everyone who shares in your organization’s success. We roll up our sleeves to work with you and your team to craft your future roadmap. Our facilitative approach builds member and employee engagement, strengthens organizational leadership and positions the organization to achieve results and success.