Assertive Communication – Half Day

About the Course  Assertive Communication is an important personal and interpersonal skill. It enables individuals to act in their own best interest, to stand up for themselves without undue anxiety, to express honest feelings comfortably, and to express personal rights without denying the rights of others. It is a communication style that is respectful of others … Read more Assertive Communication – Half Day

Conflict Resolution – 2 days

About the Course  We’re individuals with unique concerns, expectations, interests, needs and wants. Sooner or later, our individuality bumps up against someone else’s individuality and the result is conflict. One of our goals in running a conflict management skills workshop is to reinforce the fact that life does not exist without conflict. However, there is an aspect … Read more Conflict Resolution – 2 days

Difficult Conversations Workshop – 1 Day

About the Course  The proposed Difficult Conversations Workshop will provide participants with practical and effective techniques to conduct and manage difficult conversations. The training course materials are intended to support participants in improving their interpersonal communication skills, attitude, and knowledge in communicating difficult messages. It will help them to identify the best method of relaying … Read more Difficult Conversations Workshop – 1 Day

Emotional Intelligence – 2 Days

About the Course  Emotional Intelligence (EI) is increasingly relevant to organizational development and developing people, because the principles provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills, and potential.  The Emotional Intelligence workshop has been designed to help participants learn essential interpersonal skills that will take them to the … Read more Emotional Intelligence – 2 Days

Improving Your Productivity – 1 Day

About the Course  The reality of today’s world is that we experience having to do more, better, faster, and with less and with poor time management a loss of productivity, increased stress, fatigue, inability to concentrate and irritable behavior for no apparent reason can often be the result.   Time & Stress Management skills have a … Read more Improving Your Productivity – 1 Day

Leadership Foundations – 2 Days

About the Course  Like most learned skills, becoming an effective leader takes time, training, practice, and learning through trial and error. Effective leadership development begins with a clear understanding of what leadership is and how to prepare for it and most people have the potential to become effective leaders. The Leadership Foundation course explores the … Read more Leadership Foundations – 2 Days

Managing change and Transition – 1 Day

About the Course  The only constant is change, so organizations and leaders must learn to quickly respond to their changing environments. In times of significant change, leaders must guide and manage two parallel and interdependent processes. The first of these, organizational change, focuses on the strategic and structural adjustments necessary for the survival and growth … Read more Managing change and Transition – 1 Day

Negotiation Skills – 1 Day

About the Course  We spend almost every minute of every day negotiating with others. Being a good negotiator allows us to build, maintain, and improve important relationships and create mutually beneficial solutions to tough problems.  The Negotiation Skills workshop will expand participants’ ability as an effective negotiator through the practice of important negotiation tactics and … Read more Negotiation Skills – 1 Day

Meeting Effectiveness – 1 Day

About the Course  High performance meetings establish respectful relationships between participants and efficiently synthesize information. They pool the resources, talents, and knowledge of all participants to surface new ideas and make informed decisions quickly.  In a slower world, meeting performance was an aspiration.  In today’s economy, it is an essential capability required for organizational health.  … Read more Meeting Effectiveness – 1 Day

Stress Management – 1 Day

About the Course  For  most people today,  frequent  stress  is  inevitable–with  awareness  and skill,  its negative  impacts  are  not. People who manage stress well are able to recognize the signs and consciously, deliberately step back from the edge of negative stress. This workshop will give you the tools you need to do your best work … Read more Stress Management – 1 Day