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Foundation Course in Group Facilitation – 3 days (10591)

March 18 8:30 am - March 20 4:15 pm

| $1395.00

Who Should Attend?

Intersol’s Foundation Course in Group Facilitation is a three-day course ideal for anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of meetings they lead or participate in.


These days, more and more of us are spending more and more of our time in meetings – sharing ideas, solving problems, making decisions and planning for action.  But if you ask people about those meetings – how effective and efficient they are – the answers are often disappointing.  Ask them for the chief causes of poor meetings, and they’ll probably complain about the time wasted:

when meetings don’t start on time
bringing latecomers up-to-date
when the purpose of the meeting isn’t clear
when there’s no agenda
when people come with their own “hidden” agendas
when people come unprepared
when critical people don’t show up or cancel at the last minute
when one or two individuals dominate the discussions
when meetings go off track with discussion of unplanned topics
when closed mindedness causes disruptive conflict
when the Storytellers, the Nay-sayers and the Whiners take over
when individuals build roadblocks in an effort to get their own way
when meetings don’t end on time
This course will help you gain the confidence and ability to use a selection of proven facilitation processes and techniques. You’ll walk away able to design, lead and participate in more effective and efficient meetings that improve the quality of peoples’ participation and creativity.

Learning Objectives
Participation in this workshop will improve your confidence and ability to:

Design and lead effective meetings, group planning sessions and other facilitated events
Facilitate processes designed to analyse issues and problems, and make decisions
Utilize a variety of processes and techniques to improve group productivity, creativity and participation
Reduce the negative impacts of dysfunctional behaviours and participation problems
Topics include, but are not limited to:

Setting Meetings Up for Success

the fundamentals of group facilitation
creating the right atmosphere
basic tools and techniques of facilitation
facilitation and team effectiveness
the dynamics of teams and groups
the facilitator as a role model
dealing with dysfunctional behaviours and participation problems
Facilitation Processes

brainstorming techniques
issue analysis
affinity diagram
problem analysis
decision making
action research
Facilitating Meetings

components of effective meetings
road maps and agendas
tips, tricks and energizers
setting the stage – logistics and room setups
What People Say about the Course
An amazing course.  The Facilitator’s Tool Box manual is now my “bible”
This course has had huge impact in my work and personal life.
This is one of the best courses I have ever taken
This course as a milestone in my life.  It’s made a tremendous impact on the way I interact with others.
For all inquiries, please contact Leen Al-Jaber at 613-230-6424 ext 112 or laljaber@intersol.ca


March 18 8:30 am
March 20 4:15 pm


Intersol Group Ltd
#300 - 205 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3 Canada
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