Collaboration with Algonquin College

Intersol Group and Lean Advisors Inc. are pleased to announce a collaboration with Algonquin College Corporate Training (ACCT) to develop and deliver a Lean Management Algonquin College Certificate Program. ACCT helps performance-driven organizations to build the knowledge, skills and approaches required of a modern workforce. With a reputation of excellence and more than 45 years of experience, ACCT designs, develops and delivers training and on-going learning support to help individuals advance in their careers and organizations achieve their business goals.

Lean Management

The Lean Management program offers knowledge and skills applicable across public and private sectors. Those successfully completing the series of 7 courses are eligible to earn an Algonquin College certificate in Lean Management. Courses in the program are:

1. Lean Principles I
2. Lean Principles II
3. Strategic Management
4. Team Dynamics
5. Data Analysis
6. Project Management for Lean
7. Applied Lean

Learn more about the collaboration and the program.

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