Mike Boucher

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Practice Areas

Lean Process Improvement | Strategic and Operational Planning


Mike Boucher has over 25 years experience with Lean in his role leading companies in their Continuous Improvement and Lean journeys. Throughout Canada and the US, he initiated and perfected the application of this knowledge and experience to government, crown corporations, healthcare (hospitals, laboratories, and administration), and educational environments, in addition to traditional  manufacturing settings.

Mike works with Senior Teams and has facilitated value stream mapping and developed strategic/hoshin plans and detailed implementation plans with numerous clients including the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, City of Oshawa, City of Peterborough, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Fanshawe College, Royal Canadian Mint, Mayo Clinic, Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital, Owensboro Medical Health System, Marietta Memorial Hospital, Luther Midelfort Hospital, SAMA and others.

Mike is a true pioneer and expert in Lean implementation in Public Sector and administrative environments.  His presentations and workshops are stimulating, energetic, and functional.  His unique approach to Lean implementation allows organizations to sustain their lean initiative by creating a Lean culture and developing in-house experts in Lean.