Denise Mullen

Senior Consultant, Facilitator

Practice Areas

Facilitation of Meetings, Events, and Conferences | Consultation, Public & Stakeholder Engagement, Partnerships


Denise has decades of experience in natural resource management sector. She has worked extensively with all levels of government, other stakeholders and Indigenous peoples in the development of policy, legislation, information technology systems, and the review and permitting of major projects.

She is an accomplished policy analyst, researcher, and writer. She leads the development of policy positions across a range of natural systems that intersect with business development, facilitates conversations about issues that matter, and keeps abreast of emerging topics and concerns (provincial, national and international). Her work in the information technology sector means she understands the “new economy” and can integrate geospatial, technical and business information using advanced web technologies in the land and resources management sector.

Denise’s professional experience includes working in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She was one of three process-specific experts who advised government on early environmental assessment legislation, regulations and federal process harmonization efforts. She has authored guidelines for project review, participant assistance, annual reports, stakeholder surveys and been a member of numerous multi-stakeholder working groups. She has contributed to a variety of environmental regulations, forest practices standards, land and resource management plans, and environmental standards for the mining and energy industry and water management plans.

Denise is committed to continuous learning and along with an undergraduate, graduate, and the three post-graduate certificates is now further adding to her tool kit with Data Analytics training, as well as upgrading her project management skills.